Dibble & Grub is very proud to use the very first coffee ever to be roasted in Cornwall. We have been working with Origin coffee for several years and are very excited to be involved in their new venture. The company are very passionate about coffee and since conception have specialized in ethically and environmentally sound coffee. The project to begin roasting and blending coffee in Cornwall has given them the opportunity to source directly from single estate farmers ensuring them a good price. Origin are now supplying us with a seasonal espresso that changes with the seasons to guarantee the best quality throughout the year. Other Cornish producers that we use are Polgoon for their delicious grape juices and wines, and Cornish Orchards for their fabulous farmhouse ciders and pressÚs. We now offer a delicious range of loose leaf teas and herbal infusions. We blend fruit smoothies with freshly squeezed juice from our team at The Deli. Whatever you choose to quench your thirst you can guarantee it will be chosen and made with care.